2020/21 Tri-team Tournament

2020/21 Tri-team Tournament. Bury Relics/Maccabi/Salcom

Tri-team tournament

While the Greater Manchester Walking Football League (GMWFL) fixtures were suspended due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Relics arranged a mini league, friendly tournament, with Maccabi and Salcom. Each club fielding two teams. The fixtures being played over 5 dates.

Game Day 5 – 26th August 2021 – News Report
Maccabi A3 – 3Relics Blues
Relics Whites2 – 1Salcom B
Salcom A2 – 1Maccabi B
Relics Whites2 – 1Salcom A
Relics Blues3 – 1Maccabi B
Maccabi A3 – 1Salcom B
Match Day 5 Results
 Final League TablePWDLFAGDPTS
Relics Blues108202071326
Relics Whites108022461824
Salcom A10424910-114
Maccabi A102441013-310
Salcom B10136816-86
Maccabi B10118625-194
Final League Table
Game Day 4 – 22nd July 2021 – News Report
Relics Blues1 – 0Relics Whites
Maccabi A1 – 2Maccabi B
Salcom A2 – 1Salcom B
Salcom B1 – 1Maccabi B
Relics Blues2 – 0Salcom A
Maccabi A0 – 3Relics Whites
Tri-team tournament – Match Day 4 – Results
Relics Blues87101431122
Relics Whites86022041618
Salcom A832367-111
Salcom B8134611-56
Maccabi A813449-56
Maccabi B8116420-164
League Table after 4 game days
Game Day 3 – 8th April 2021 – News Report
Relics Whites1 – 0Salcom A
Relics Blues3 – 0Maccabi B
Maccabi A0 – 0Salcom B
Relics Blues1 – 1Salcom B
Maccabi A0 – 0Salcom A
Relics Whites2 – 0Maccabi B
Tri-team tournament – Match Day 3 – Results
Relics Blues6510113816
Relics Whites65011731415
Salcom A62315419
Maccabi A613234-16
Salcom B612348-45
Maccabi B6006118-170
League Table after 3 game days
Game Day 2 – 10th December 2020 – News Report
Maccabi A1 – 2Relics Whites
Relics Blues2 – 1Salcom A
Maccabi A0 – 1Relics Blues
Salcom B2 – 0Maccabi B
Relics Whites3 – 0Salcom B
Salcom A1 – 0Maccabi B
Tri-team tournament – Match Day 2 – Results
Relics Blues440072512
Relics Whites4301143119
Salcom A42114317
Maccabi A411234-14
Salcom B410337-43
Maccabi B4004113-120
League Table after 2 game days

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Game Day 1 – 6th October 2020 – News Report
Relics Whites8 – 0 Maccabi B
Relics Blues2 – 1 Relics Whites
Maccabi A2 – 1 Maccabi B
Maccabi A0 – 0 Salcom A
Relics Blues2 – 0 Salcom B
Salcom A2 – 1 Salcom B
Relics Blues22004136
Maccabi A21102114
Salcom A21102114
Relics Whites21019273
Salcom B200214-30
Maccabi B2002110-90
League Table after Game Day 1

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