2023 Fixtures and Results

1st February 11:00FriendlyRelics 60’svPreston 60’s
Relics 65’svPreston 65’s
9th February 11:00FriendlySalcom 60/65’svRelics 60/65’s
Salcom 70’svRelics 70’s
16th February 11:00FriendlyPrestwich & Whitefield 60’svRelics 60’s
23rd February 10:00FriendlyBurnley Clarets 60’svRelics 60’s
Burnley Clarets 65’svRelics 65’s
Burnley Clarets 70’svRelics 70’s
1st MarchGMWFL over 70’s Div 1
2nd MarchGMWFL over 60’s Div 1
16th MarchGMWFL over 65’s Div 1
22nd MarchGMWFL over 60’s Div 5
5th AprilGMWFL over 70’s Div 1
6th AprilGMWFL over 60’s Div 1
20th AprilGMWFL over 65’s Div 1
26th AprilGMWFL over 60’s Div 5
3rd MayGMWFL over 70’s Div 1
4th MayGMWFL over 60’s Div 1
18th MayGMWFL over 65’s Div 1
24th MayGMWFL over 60’s Div 5
1st JuneGMWFL over 60’s Div 1
7th JuneGMWFL over 70’s Div 1
15th JuneGMWFL over 65’s Div 1
28th JuneGMWFL over 60’s Div 5
Fixtures will be added as and when they become available