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About Bury Relics

Bury Relics, formed in 2017, provide both community and competitive walking football for people from the Bury area and beyond. Community walking football is provided for the over 50’s and The Relics have four teams in the Greater Manchester Walking Football League, two over 60’s teams, an over 65’s team, and an over 70’s team.

The community sessions, hosted by Bury Relics players, are held at Castle Leisure Centre Bury. These sessions are open to players of all ages and abilities, men and women, including players with learning difficulties, handicaps and health issues.

Players invited and interested in playing competitive walking football will become part of the Bury Relics squad. The Relics squad players initially participated in the training session at Castle Leisure Centre, with additional training sessions introduced in 2018 at Radcliffe Borough FC on their outside astro turf pitches.

The additional training sessions at Radcliffe Borough proved an immediate hit with the players and contributed to the team’s successes in the GMWFL Spring 2019 season

See the “Contact Us” page for up to date information regarding training times and venues

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Latest News

You only fail when you stop trying

Community sessions

If you are interested in joining the community sessions just turn up at Castle Leisure Centre, Bolton Street, Bury. Tuesday mornings, starting at 11:15am. It’s a warm and friendly atmosphere suitable for all abilities.
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Competitive Football

The competitive Relics teams play in the Greater Manchester Walking Football league. The standard of play is higher and more intense than our community sessions and so requires a certain degree of ability, tactical awareness and fitness.

Social & Other Events

It’s not all football with the Bury Relics, there is a great social side too with end of season social events, curry nights and golf days.

Code of Conduct

At The Relics all activities are conducted in a friendly atmosphere without discrimination and with respect to each other, opponents and match officials. The Code of Conduct has been compiled to remind everyone of their obligations.


  1. Be a good sport
  2. Enjoy Sport and improve your skills
  3. Treat people as you would wish to be treated
  4. Do not intimidate other players or officials
  5. Play by the rules
  6. Control your temper and your mouth
  7. Co-operate with your Manager or Coach
  8. Co-operate with the Officials
  9. Do your best
  10. Compete for your own enjoyment
Managers & Coaches
  1. Encourage people to play by the rules
  2. Never enter the playing area during play
  3. Never abuse players
  4. Always discourage your team from being abusive
  5. Never use offensive language
  6. Remember decisions do not always go your way
  7. Remember an official has to make decisions quickly and they may not be right every time
  8. Never publicly question the judgment of an official
  9. Never shout abuse at the officials
  10. Remember the officials’ decision is final
  11. Promote sport for enjoyment
Supporters & Spectators
  1. Promote participation in sport for fun
  2. Show respect for opponents and officials
  3. Encourage people to play by the rules
  4. Encourage and congratulate all regardless of the result
  5. Never publicly question the judgement of an official
  6. Never use offensive language

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