GMWFL Spring 2023 – the over 65s stay top in April

Bury’s nifty 9 were sensational last time out, to give Bury top spot in the league, an impressive 2 points clear of 2nd placed Kingsmaid. However, this time around there were forced changes to the squad; there were no Tony G, Gerry L nor Dave L but star striker Jomo was drafted in to give a squad of 7 players. Compounding the disruption was the absence of Klopp-Ken, who was not around to pick the team and shout encouragements. Pat the cat was promoted to chief coach. The sun, amazingly, was shining at Heywood, and after a lecture from the league about not-running in walking football, the games got underway. First up were Bury’s biggest competitors, Kingsmaid.

Club Kingsmaid versus Bury Relics Over 65’s
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The final result was a 2-1 loss.

Goal: Kingsmaid take the lead with a ball played up to their #77, who lays off to the winger and he scores to make it 1-0, click-here.

Goal: Bury quickly hit back to equalize, through the trio of John W, Graham and Jomo. JW plays a ball up to Graham, who redirects the ball, with a deft one-touch pass, to the on-rushing Jomo, who side foots powerfully through their keeper to score, click-here.

Goal: disaster for Bury as a stray distribution pass gives an assist to #77, who makes no mistake at close range to give Kingsmaid a win, click-here.
Result; Club Kingsmaid 2 – 1 Bury Relics Over 65’s

Bury Relics Over 65’s versus Manchester Corinthians
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The final result was a 0-0 draw.
Goal: no goals in this game.
Result; Bury Relics Over 65’s 0 – 0 Manchester Corinthians

Bury Relics Over 65’s versus Preston North End
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The final result was a 1-0 win for Bury.

Goal: a fabulously worked team goal, with the added ingredient of individual genius at the end. After several passes, Alan plays the final pass to assist Graham, who body swerves to fool the defender, cuts inside and loops a calm finish over the keeper for a 1-0 lead (click-here).
Result; Bury Relics Over 65’s 1 – 0 Preston North End

Bury Relics Over 65’s versus Bolton Arena
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The final result was a 2-0 win to Bury.

Goal: this shows any keeper can make a mistake with distribution; the Bolton keeper throws out too close to Graham, who intercepts and plays the ball into the middle for Jomo to make the score 1-0, click-here.

Goal: A bit of controversy with this one. Following a Bury interception and shot, their keeper makes a save, but the rebounding ball is rolling out of the area. Their defender side-foots the ball before the ball has fully left the area, so while his foot has not traversed the goal area line, the ball was mostly still in it as he hits it (see the photo above/below). In any case, the Ref gives a penalty. Bolton protest, and the keeper asks for VAR verification. The Chimpanzee with the camera shows him and then proceeds to forget to film the actual penalty. Jomo scores a great penalty, top left-hand corner (a bit like Lindelof’s), to make the score 2-0. Click-here to see the buildup.
Result; Bury Relics Over 65’s 2 – 0 Bolton Arena

This time out Bury managed the results of 2 wins, a draw and a loss, which is a total of 7 points gained. Kingsmaid managed 8 points on the day but as they only managed a single win last time, Bury remain top with a 1 point superiority. Overall, the team played very well with a changed squad, particularly since John W also picked up an injury in the second game. From goalkeeper to attack, everyone contributed to the good play of the Relics. Here is a montage of Gaz’s saves from today (Click-here) and excellent goals can be seen above. So, well done all players and staff. The comedy moment was provided by Dr. John, who forgot to switch the camera back on, following VAR controversy for the Bolton penalty, and missed Jomo’s excellent penalty. Thanks to the players and staff: Gaz (GK), Graham (C), Tex, John W, Alan B, John M (Jomo) and Pete S. Backroom staff of Pat and Keiren. Thanks also to the supporters who watched and encouraged the team. Report Dr. John.

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