Bury Relics Annual Golf Day 2022

Thanks and credit go to John W and Tony P for a great day of golf, food and drink, with the inevitable banter. The venue was an excellent choice, with its location on top of hills surrounding Bury, at the Walmersley Golf Club. The hospitality and staff were excellent, I for one will be very happy to play here again if the Golf men choose to in the next years. The day started off for most of them at 10-00am, meeting for coffee and bacon butties at the golf club, but for John and Andy, they decided to take a scenic tour around the rolling hills of Bury, until they realised they were lost. A quick tap of the phone sat-nav got us back on course (pardon the pun) and we arrived just in time to endure micky taking from other others, but also enjoy the delicious bacon butties. After 30 minutes or so of banter, we ventured out onto the course, with 12 men divided into 4 teams.

The teams

Team 1; Joe B, Bob D and Dr. John.

Team 2; Dave M, Graham W and Mark T

Team 3; John M, Andy R and Gerry S

Team 4; Tony P, John W and New Wayne


After 18 holes of golf, the overall team winners with a whopping 87 points were team 4; well done.

Runners up were team 3 with 74 points and the wooden spoon (if Graham had supplied one) was joint between teams 1 and 2, with scores of 62 each.

Three other prestigious prizes were awarded:

1) Graham got closest to the pin on the Par 3 at the 14th hole (that was impressive, if you could even get on the green at this hole with just one shot),

2) Andy R was with the longest drive, who won the coveted yellow parchment trophy, sponsored by post-it-notes (see below) and

3) Dr. John won the prize for the most impressive piece of golfing equipment (I made this bit up but see below).  

After the game, the cool beer tasted better than usual and the food was phenomenal; steak pie and chips, followed by delicious apple pie and custard. It was an enjoyable day out. Again, a big thank you to John W and Tony P for organising the day and thanks to the staff at the awesome Walmersley Golf Club for their warm hospitality and tasty food.

Andy and Joe warming up puts
Bob’s near miss
Joe’s close put
Half time snacks