Tri-Team Tournament – Final Match Day confirmed.

Tri-Team Tournament
The date for the final games in the Tri-Team Tournament between The Relics, Maccabi, and Salcom has been set for Thursday 26th August 2021 at Maccabi Sports Club.

The tournament has been a great success and has created a unique bond between opposing teams and players.

Relics boss Keiran comments …
“Can I just say from my point of view (and the Relics ) how pleased I am that the whole tournament has been played in a great spirit from all the lads and at a time when Covid shut everything down I think it has helped keep us all sane and as clubs kept us going strong. 
We really appreciate our friendships together and I hope that will keep going long after things return to something like normal.
I particularly like the way we all try to help each other out when problems arise and long may that continue as it is so much in the spirit of Walking Football. Great to be associated with you guys and your teams.”

Mike Dickson from Maccabi …
“Not only are the games played in the right spirit but the competition has forged many friendships on the pitch. We at Maccabi really appreciate the support we get from your clubs as we have long struggled to have sufficient players for two teams. In fact we have just withdrawn our 65 teams from the league and will only be entering a 60’s at Heywood.

I hope that we can continue to compete against each other in the future perhaps filling in when there is no Heywood comp.”

Kevin Longbottom from Salcom agrees …
“I echo your sentiments completely and all my lads have really enjoyed the matches.”