Relics Golf Day – 14th July 2021

Eleven intrepid explorers ventured out into the wilderness of Bury Golf Club on a fine and beautifully sunny day to try to manoeuvre a small white ball into a hole many yards away in as few hits as possible.

Split into three teams they set off, The best three first, to keep the time down, the middle four next, and the final four bringing up the rear. Which is exactly as it finished.

The winning trio of Tony P, Andy Rich and Graham W taking first prize and a mystery envelope each. Tony also won the accolade of nearest the pin, winning a prestige new box of not quite so new balls.

The middle quartet who were spared from claiming any ‘prizes’ were Andy Q, John W, Jerry, and Dave Mo.

The final team, who only had six good knees between them, were spotted far away on the horizon as the sun was going down and just before the search party were sent out, were Dr John, Iain D, Mark P and Keith B. Dr John picking up the best prize of the night on behalf of the team.

Massive thanks to John W for organising the day and thanks also to Bury Golf Club for the hospitality and for the food before and after the game.

A great day was had by all with a vow to do it again soon.