Manchester League 13th May 2021 – 60’s lose, 65’s win

The Relics over 60’s and over 65’s were in action at Heywood. The Relics over 60’s suffered a 0 – 1 loss to Rochdale AFC Strollers. The over 65’s came from 0 – 1 down to beat Manchester Corinthians Whites 3 – 1.

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Relics Over 60’s 0 – Rochdale AFC Strollers 1
The Relics were on top for most of the game with Rochdale relying on a very effective breakaway game. Rochdale soaked up the pressure well and kept Gaz the Relics keeper very busy with their breakaway efforts.
Gaz had a superb game in the Bury net and was certainly the main candidate for any man of the match award that might have been on offer although he had no chance with the Rochdale goal.
The Relics had a number of chances and had a penalty ruled out when the referee disallowed Graham’s spot kick for taking two steps.
The Relics deserved a draw at least but came away empty handed.
Relics:- Gaz, Keith S, Tony G, Andy Q, Stewart W, Andy Rich, Graham W. Manager Keiran.

Relics Over 65’s 3 – Manchester Corinthians Whites 1
A hat trick from Graham after the Relics went 0 – 1 down ensured victory in a thrilling game.
The Relics fell 1 – 0 down after just three minutes when a Corinthians shot was deflected past Eddie in the Relics net.
The Relics bounced back just a few minutes later with a great turn and shot from Graham for his first of the game. Graham got his second from the spot following a four-offence penalty against Corinthians. Graham’s third came when he was one on one with the Corinthians keeper, a great dummy sent the keeper sprawling and Graham calming stepping to the side to make it three for himself and for the Relics. Graham could have have had a fourth with another spot kick, but the shot hit the post.
At the other end, Eddie made a brilliant save from a Corinthian’s penalty diving low to his left to keep the ball out.
A good win for the Relics in a very competitive game.
Relics:- Eddie, Keith H, Bob, John W, John C, Andy Q, Graham W.