Quiz – Week 5

Here are this weeks brain teasers, answers to be submitted by Saturday 2nd May.

Week 4 Answers.
Pictures:- 1 – Lady Penelope; 2 – Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli; 3 – Madonna; 4 – Julia Roberts & Nicolas Cage; 5 – Kenny Everett; 6 – Violin; 7 – Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeplin; 8 – Kelly’s Heroes; 9 – 1929; 10 – Number 11; 11 – Age Before Beauty.
Questions:- 12 – Dandelion; 13 – Hat; 14 – Middle of the Road; 15 – Sweden; 16 – Cambodia; 17 – Fly; 18 – Austria; 19 – A Moron; 20 – Wear it (Its a hat); 21 – I Love You; 22 – Marlon Brando; 23 – Water; 24 – Denmark; 25 – True; 26 – Clowder; 27 – Loofah

A message from the GMWFL.

“A seventy plus strong group meeting for five hours every single week stopped dead in its tracks. Leagues shut down, Venues mothballed. Walking footballers who discovered this new game just a few short years ago will feel the sense of ‘wasted’ or ‘lost’ time keener than most. All footballing is finite but when you’re into your sixth, seventh and eighth decade you know that you’re in extra time already. Clock ticking. Nobody wants to be on hold for very long. Two weeks away on holiday can be keenly felt by some.

The cause? A pernicious killer that’s escaped out of a ‘wet market’ in Wuhan (a city of ten million people I’d never heard of before) to threaten not just our game – trivial in comparison, I guess – but to disrupt (or worse) the lives of those that had been playing it to keep healthy, to stave off the ageing process.

Lockdown means locked out. Of a world you’d come to quite like. A world of familiar faces, of some jovial banter and light hearted associations. Pounds piling on. Sure some try to keep up a modicum of exercise and mobility, but how many get truly breathless like they do when playing a strenuous walking game?

We adapt. Paint the fence, or a door, dig the garden and make our period of ‘house arrest’ as productive as possible but without the structure of an organised walking football week we find the thought ‘what day is it?’ entering our heads more often. Weekends come and go. Not quite as quickly as they once did.

No Saturday and Sunday diversion from the ‘proper’ game to occupy our thoughts. The trainers start to gather dust, the plans you’d made go further and further onto the back burner, no end in sight yet and who knows when? The creative thinkers try to find ways of engaging, now the ball isn’t doing the talking. Old photographs to jog the memory, words from yesterday and many days before when the cares we have today didn’t remotely feature anywhere in our collective consciousness.

You might start to see the efforts of teammates trying to make you laugh with videos and jokes online. Sometimes they succeed, other times Tumbleweed appears in a mental image and blows down a deserted main street in my mind. But thank goodness for ‘online’. Where would we be without it?

We say ‘keep well’ and ‘stay well’ when such sentiments went unspoken in the very recent past. Most are genuinely concerned about their contemporaries, some of whom, maybe most, have underlying conditions which make them more vulnerable to Covid-19. Because that’s what this is all about. We should be nervous, even afraid.

One day we’ll be back in our groups all over these islands, until then we’ll grin and bear the lack of a game. I feel much more sorry for housebound children missing THEIR friends and their education. Parents who will be worrying about wages, mortgages and paying that big bill that’s just arrived. And of course, the catastrophic loss of life. Lost to this pernicious killer disease that came out of a bloody ‘wet’ market in a place I’d never heard of.

Let’s count our blessings eh? Walking football won’t be going anywhere apart from coming back. One day. We can wait, a little while at least.”

Quiz – week 4

A mixture of picture and general knowledge items to get the grey matter moving this week.
Answers by Saturday 25th April 2020

Quiz 3 answers: – 1 – Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Bobby Robson, Roy Hodgson, Neil Warnock; 2 – Brighton & Crystal Palace; 3 – Bournemouth, Burnley, Watford; 4 – Dundee United; 5 – Gary Lineker; 6 – World Cup Willie; 7 – Wolverhampton Wanderers; 8 – Charlton (1998/99), Bolton (2011/12), Hull City (2016/17); 9 – Kevin Campbell; 10 – Denis Law (1964), Bobby Charlton (1966), George Best (1968), Cristiano Ronaldo (2008); 11 – Dugouts; 12 – Bayern Munich; 13 – The figures are female; 14 – 3, in 1974, 1978, & 1994; 15 – Benfica; 16 – Roy Evans (in 1987); 17 – Rugby League; 18 – Lev Yashin; 19 – Evo-Stik; 20 – Gordon Strachan; 21 – Mike Ashley; 22 – Lee Bowyer & Kieron Dyer

Quiz – Week 3

Here is this weeks Boredom Buster

1 – As of December 2018, name the four football managers to manage in the Premier League at the age of over 70?
2 – Which two clubs play in the M23 derby?
3 – In the 2018/19 Premier League, starting with the lowest, which three clubs had the smallest stadium capacities?
4 – Which British team defeated Barcelona both home and away in a 1966/67 European Cup competition and also reached the semi-final of the 1984 European Cup?
5 – Who once said: “Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win”?
6 – If it was Naranjito in 1982, and Juanito in 1970, what was it in 1966?
7 – Billy Wright, the first footballer in the world to earn 100 international caps, spent his whole career at which club?
8 – Three teams have sat at the top of the Premier League only to be relegated in the same season; can you name them?
9 – Name the top Premier League goalscorer to never have been capped for his country? (Hint: he now has a son named Tyrese playing for Stoke City)
10 – Four Manchester United players have won the European Footballer of the Year award; can you name them?
11 – What was introduced for the first time by trainer Donald Colman in the 1920’s at Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen?
12 – As of 2017, which European football club has supplied a player in the starting line-up of every World Cup final since 1982?
13 – What’s different about the recently launched limited edition Subbuteo table football set featuring Arsenal and Chelsea teams?
14 – England first entered the Football World Cup in 1950; how many tournaments have they failed to qualify for since then?
15 – Name the football club with which Jose Mourinho first became a top-tier manager?
16 – Jamie Carragher made his first team debut for Liverpool under which manager?
17 – Ryan Giggs is the new Wales football manager, but in which sport was his father Danny Wilson a Welsh international?
18 – Which Russian footballer, nicknamed the “Black Panther”, is widely regarded as the greatest goalkeeper in the history of the sport?
19 – Which adhesive manufacturer sponsors two English association football leagues at levels 7-8 of the English football league system?
20 – Can you name the only footballer born before 1960 to score a Premier League hat-trick (Hint: The Premier League was founded in 1992)?
21 – Which retail billionaire became the owner of Newcastle United in 2007?
22 – in 2005, which two Newcastle United team-mates were sent off for fighting against each other in United’s Premiership match with Aston Villa?

Answers to be submitted by Saturday 18th April

Quiz 2 Answers:- A – Aguero; B – Darren Bent; C – Andy Cole; D – Defoe; E – Euell; F – Fowler; G – Gerrard; H – Henry; I – Ince; J – Andy Johnson; K – Kane; L – Lampard; M – Mane; N – Nolan; O – Owen; P – Phillips; Q – Quinn; R – Rooney; S – Shearer; T – Torres; U – Unsworth; V – Van Persie; W – Wright; X – Xhaka; Y – Yorke; Z – Zola.

Quiz Time – 2

Time to get those brain cells working again with this weeks quiz …

If Shearer is ‘S’ can you name the top Premier League goal scorers for each letter of the alphabet?
Answers by Saturday 11th April

Last weeks Quiz 1 Answers:-
1 – Anton Griezmann; 2 – Neymar; 3 – Andres Iniesta; 4 – Christiano Ronaldo; 5 – Toni Kroos; 6 – Lionel Messi; 7 – Harry Kane; 8 – Paul Pogba; 9 – Mohamed Salah; 10 – Luka Modric; 11 – David Sivla; 12 – Eden Hazard; 13 – Sadio Mane; 14 – Christian Ericsson; 15 – Keisuke Honda; 16 – Ricardo Quaresma; 17 – Mesut Ozil; 18 – Robert Lewandowski; 19 – Tim Cahill; 20 – Angel Di Maria; 21 – Thibaut Courtois; 22 – Luis Suarez; 23 – Gylfi Sigurdsson; 24 – Ilkay Gundogan … and we still don’t know what the pink splodge was!

Quiz Time

As the current situation of no league games and no training sessions means we can neither train or play walking football together the Boss (Keiran) has been thinking (not always a good thing) of what we could do to keep the team spirit going until everything returns to normal again (hopefully).
Keiran says “The banter on the WhatsApp group is brilliant with quite a few of you enjoying the Quiz items so I have decided to do a weekly RELICS quiz.”
The quiz is open to all Relics and also honorary Relics.
The first set of questions are shown on the left, you have until next Saturday 4th April to send in your answers.

Greater Manchester Walking Football League – Spring 2020 season suspended

Coronavirus update.
On Tuesday 17th March the GMWFL published the statement below (which they received Monday 16th March 2020 18:33) from Simon Gerrard the Chief Executive Officer of the Lancashire FA

Following the Government’s announcement today (16.03.20), for people to avoid social contact and gatherings where possible, we are now advising that all grassroots football in Lancashire is postponed for the foreseeable future. Throughout this period, we have taken Government and FA advice with the priority being the health and wellbeing of all. We will continue to work closely with the grassroots game during this time. We are in regular communication with the FA/Government and the situation within English football at all levels remains under regular review.”

GMWFL further added … “The GMWFL which takes place at the Heywood Sports Village is affiliated to the Lancashire FA and we must follow guidance given by the FA to protect the health and well being of all participants taking part in the league.
It is with regret that for this reason the GMWFL will be postponed until advice is received from the Lancashire FA that it is safe to resume.

Relics one-two in Leeds Tournament

The Relics finished in first and second places in the mini tournament organised by Leeds Titans.
Two Relics teams travelled to Leeds to take part in the mini tournament with Leeds Titans and Halifax. Both Relics teams were unbeaten on the day, the Relics Blues (Ken, Keith S, Keith B, John H, Tony, Stewart, and guest Ray) topped the league with 2 wins and a draw. The Relics Whites (Keiran, Gaz, Tex, Bob, John W, John M, Graham) finished runners up with one win and two draws.