GMWFL Spring 2022 – a good start for the new Over 60’s Stripes team

Bury Relics over 60’s Stripes versus Ribble Valley WFC.
What a glorious and sun-shining day that greeted the inaugural over 60’s Stripes first ever set of fixtures. In the bright light, the team looked like it had walked out of a Persil advert, with their new brilliant white and blue striped gleaming kits. The Relics tigers roared as the starting whistle blew; the first game was against the Ribble. Relics started brightly, with a couple of passes and then a shot from Andy, that whistled just past the right-hand post. Then, from a subsequent interception by John H, it was Keith H’s turn to have a shot, that was low to the left but the keeper got down to save it. Then there was an exquisite piece of skill by Andy who managed to push the ball to the side, and with the other foot, push the ball beyond the defender, simultaneously gliding past him. Unfortunately, the subsequent pass was intercepted. The Relics were now doing the better, executing some good passing and moving, with Alan being the hub of a lot of the play. This led to a nice turn and shot from Nev, but the shot was not powerful enough to beat their keeper. Both John H and Alan were playing well at the back, starting off moves following Ribble attacks. There was one good attack, when their number seven did a nice dribble from the Ribble, and had a good shot but the accuracy was lacking as it went wide. A foray forward by the Relics led to an Alan shot, which was heading straight into the top corner but alas, the keeper managed to get to it. Beep! Half time. At the break, John H had to come off as he was without his bobble hat, like Samson; to be fair, he had been working so hard, he needed a well-earned breather. Mark came on and this led to a team restructuring, which moved Nev to the back and Mark on the left. Despite the hasty changes, the Relics were still playing well, and Nev had a shot that went high. However, on the subsequent Ribble attack, Nev, while making a good challenge, mistakenly pressed his hyperspace button (does anyone remember the arcade game Defender?) and transported himself into the penalty area. Obviously, he was so concentrated on getting a good challenge in, that he forgot where he was and it was a penalty to the Ribble. The penalty was well taken, low to the keepers left; Eddie had little chance of saving it. 1 – 0 to the Ribble. The deficit made the Relics press the Ribble, and gave the Relics lots of possession, which led to repeated fouls by Ribble. Soon enough, it was 4 fouls and a penalty to the Relics. Andy stepped up and hit a good penalty, high to the keepers right to make it a 1 – 1 score line. Two more events of note in this game were: Watford Mark made a good interception and took a quick shot but was wide, and then was a great tracking back and tackle by Keith H, who made an important interception, probably saving a goal. This was a tough game that ended in a draw but the Stripy Relics had played well.
Bury Relics over 60’s Stripes 1 – 1 Ribble Valley WFC.

Bury Relics over 60’s Stripes versus Wakefield Wanderers Whites.
This game started with a bit of trench warfare, where both teams were pushing forward but without making any incisive or clear-cut chances. However, Wakefield began finding little pockets of space and started to test Eddie in goal. However, he was equal to it on three occasions. Then, the Relics burst into life, and a good one two between Andy and John H, produced a good shot, but the defender just managed to get a block in. Then came the first moment of tragedy; Nev was working hard to find space, and found it four yards outside the box. As the ball was crossed to him, he took a shot and kind of turned at the same time. He missed the ball but Bang, it was like a sniper had taken a shot at him, as he immediately went down in pain; it looked a worrying injury as it could be the Achilles. The Ref sportingly immediately stopped the game and everyone went to Nev’s aid. The organizers, with the help from others including Chris, organized a wheel chair, an ice pack and advice on what Nev should do. It was a downer for everyone as Nev was having a great game, and the Relics were benefiting from his movement. We all wish him a swift and full recovery. The game restarted and then, not too long afterwards, a second moment of tragedy happened, Alan pulled a hamstring and also had to come off. A tough blow for Alan and the team, as like Nev, he was also playing a blinder of a game. For a moment, there was despair among the Relics management and supporters, as there were no more subs. But, drum roll please, Brbrbrbrbrrbbrrbrbrbrbr, super Keith B, stepped out of his reporter outfit, like Clark Kent, and put on Nev’s shirt. Keith B was on for the injured Alan, and that helped save the game for the Relics. Eddie was in form today, and he had to be, as Wakefield were getting shots in but he was saving all of them. In contrast, interchanges between Keith B, Andy and John at the other end, led to a shot that was just wide. In response, Wakefield went on the attack and hit a cracking shot, a daisy cutter, which had to be saved by quick improvisation from Eddie, a save with his legs. A magnificent save to keep it goalless, and that’s how it finished.
Bury Relics over 60’s Stripes 0 – 0 Wakefield Wanderers Whites.

Bury Relics over 60’s Stripes versus Winstanley Walkers.
Right from the kick off, Winstanley were the more alert and made a quick attack that startled the Relics defence; the attacker ran between two defenders and let fly with a shot. On its way towards the goal, the ball managed to take a deflection off a Relics defenders’ foot, hit Eddies foot, which projected the ball upwards onto Eddies hand, and then onto the post and over the head of Eddie and into the net. An unlucky and very Pinball like goal, and a sucker punch to the Relics, but in truth they were not ready at the KO. Winstanley were the sprightlier team and were putting the Relics goal under pressure, and this led to a corner. This culminated in a good shot but Eddie was equal to it and saved. Then there was a spell of 5 minutes or so, where the Relics were under constant pressure, with Eddie making 3 good saves. The problem was, the Relics team were tired and could not make space for any fluent passing to happen. So, it would often end up with Winstanley regaining possession and fashioning more chances but Eddie was playing superb in goal; without his good goal-keeping, on another day it could have been 5 – 0 by now. However, after half time, the Relics started to make good moves again, while the Keiths and John were defending well. This created a good chance for Watford Mark, who hit the shot sweetly but it just went wide of the far post. Another Relics move led to an Andy shot, but this time the shot did not beat their keeper. In between these Relics chances, Eddie made a further 3 saves, one which was superb, with his feet. To sum up, there was little difference in skill factors between the teams but the Winstanley side was fitter, having more energy for the final fixture of the day. Final score was 1 – 0 to Winstanley.
Bury Relics over 60’s Stripes 0 – 1 Winstanley Walkers.

A big thank you for a hard-working effort by the team, they went all in, which was shown by the loss of 2 personnel due to injury. And to Keith S who did a great job of organizing everything and leading the team. Today’s squad consisted: Andy R, John “the bobble hat” H, Alan, Nev, Keith H, Watford Mark, Keith B (who was called into duty after 2 players were injured) and Eddie the keeper. Thanks to Keith B and Dr. John for the photos. Also thank you to Chris, Iain and others who turned up to cheer on the Relics. Everyone wishes Nev and Alan a quick and full recovery. Match report by Dr. John.

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GMWFL Spring 2022 – Unbeaten start for Over 65’s

Heywood looked bright and sunny from the car as I drove in, but the biting cold wind outside made it a cold start for the over 65’s Spring 2022 campaign.

First off was a tough game against last season’s league champions Manchester Corinthians. The Relics started brightly with a few minutes of impressive keep-ball possession. The first attempt saw JoMo and Gerry L linking up well from the right hand side which resulted in a JoMo shot being turned for a corner.
Shortly after John W received a pass from Gerry, he laid the ball off nicely to Tex whose shot fizzed wide.
This was a tight game now with both teams testing one another but not creating any chances. Following a breakdown of a Relics attack Corinthians broke down the left and a cross-field ball found a player in space who smashed the ball past Gaz to put Corinthians 0 – 1 up against the run of play.
The Relics continued to press for the equaliser and a good passing move down the right found JoMo in the middle but his shot was wide. Shortly after JoMo was cutting in from the left and was brought down. There was confusion for a minute or so, was it denial of a goal scoring opportunity and therefore a penalty or was it four offences and therefore a penalty, it didn’t really matter, it was a penalty and the Corinthians protests fell on deaf ears.
JoMo “one-stepped” up and calmly slotted the penalty into the Corinthian net 1 – 1. With time running out the Relics nearly got the winner when JoMo intercepted a Corinthians keeper throw out only to see his shot go just wide of the post.
Final score Relics 1 – 1 Corin

Game 2 was against Manchester Senior Citizens. The Relics were first to hit the target when a right foot shot from Gerry L from the left hand side was destined for the bottom left hander corner of the Citizens goal but somehow the keeper managed to get his hand to it to send it for a corner.
Next chance fell to Alan, making his Relics debut today, but his shot was over the bar. Minutes later Gerry fizzed one that hit the bar.
General Gaz was organising his defence well but the Citizens managed to get through and a great shot which was heading into Gaz’s top right hand corner was brilliantly tipped round the post by the General. Citizens were trying to get through but the next shot was from distance and went wide.
Relics were pressing now and were playing good passing football in the City half playing from one side of the pitch to the other resulting in a cross field ball to JoMo but his shot was wide. Relics continued to press and pass well and another good 5-pass move in the Citizens half from Tony G – Gerry – John W – Tony G – JoMo saw JoMo’s shot blocked. and Gerry shot wide.
Final Score Relics 0 – 0 Citizens

 A difficult fixture against Rochdale was up next, although all games in this top division are always difficult.
Relics dominated this game without making making their dominance tell where it matters on the score sheet.
General Gaz organised the defence well again and Pete Shev was distributing the ball out from defence with precision ensuring that Rochdale didn’t really trouble Gaz.
While at the other end the Relics were keeping the Rochdale defence very busy. Early on in the game John W hit the post, followed by a JoMo shot being saved. Another move from Alan (who was settling a bit more now) to John W saw his shot saved. Relics were on top now, playing the game in the Rochdale half.
Late on the Relics were still pressing and a great turn and shot from John W was heading for the top left hand corner of the goal but the keeper pulled off an equally great save.
Final Score Relics 0 – 0 Rochdale

The Final game of the day was against Preston. Again the Relics dominated the play restricting Preston to just a few chances, one early in the game which Gaz saved comfortably. For the Relics Tony G broke free but couldn’t get his shot away, then a long pass from Gaz to JoMo up front which JoMo slotted past the keeper but the ‘goal was disallowed, which brought groans of disbelief from the Relics officials and supporters on the touchline. Preston replied with a shot that was way high. Relics continued to press with a three man move JoMo to Gerry -to Tex whose shot was saved. This was followed by shots from John W, Gerry and Tex all being saved by the Preston keeper.
In the dying minutes there was confusion when there was, what looked like a free kick awarded to the Relics on the edge of the Preston area. The Ref said no it’s a four-offence penalty to Preston. As the players walked down the pitch to the Relics end for the penalty to be taken there was mas confusion and objections the Ref then changed his mind and said it was a Relics penalty, off went the players to the other end amid more confusion and chaos as the Ref then changed his mind again and decided it was a Preston penalty.
The penalty was taken and scored as objections continued from the Relics touchline.
It looked like it was all over, too late for the Relics to reply, but no, hold the headlines, John W was free, his shot to the keeper’s bottom left hand corner was partially saved by the outstretched left leg of the keeper, but the ball spun up over the leg of the keeper and spun into the net. What a goal.
Final score Relics 1 – 1 Preston

The Relics ended up unbeaten on the day, and with a little bit of luck it could have been all wins.

Well done to all the Relics: Gaz (gk), Tex, Tony G, Alan B, Pete Shev, Gerry L, John W, JoMo, Manager Keiran.

Thanks to Kodak Keith for the photo’s

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Relic’s Keith B helps Stockport Northern Lights lift the Sport Parkinson, Cure Parkinson’s Cup

Relics player Keith Bibby helped walking football team Stockport Northern Lights lift the Sport Parkinson’s, Cure Parkinson’s Cup.

The competition is comprised of teams made up of players who all have Parkinson’s disease. Keith was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in January 2014.

This year the event was held at St Georges’ Park National Football Centre, on Saturday 12th March. The centre is the base for all coaching and development work undertaken by the FA, and is the training and preparation ground for all 28 of the England national football teams, including disability.

The event attracted 10 teams from all over the UK and players from further afield, one player coming from Florida to participate. The teams were organised into two groups of five teams with the top two teams in each group progress to the semi finals, the winners of each semi progress to the final.

Stockport Norther Lights (white) & Northern Lights Liverpool (Red)

Stockport Northern Lights finished second in group B behind partner team, Northern Lights Liverpool, and reached the final by beating Parkysaurous FC (managed by England Walking Football manager Stuart Langworthy) 2-0 in the semi final. In the other semi Northern Lights Liverpool beat Pennine Parkies on penalties after a 1-1 tie at full time.

In the final, Stockport Northern Lights beat Northern Lights Liverpool on penalties after a 0-0 draw at full time.

Keith promoted the Relics, and our sponsor, Tower Family Healthcare, by wearing the Relics kit for the warm up, and did a, not so quick, costume change for the competition proper.

Follow the links below for more information. Note the pages will open in new tabs
Sport Parkinson’s Northern Lights Parkinson’s Cure Parkinson’s Walking Football Association (WFA) Parkinson’s UK

GMWFL Spring 2022 – Tough start for Over 60’s Whites

In the drizzle and cold of Heywood Sports Village the Relics over 60’s Whites had a tough start on the opening day of the Spring 2022 season.

The Relics started well in their first game of the day against Kingsmaid within a few minutes an early attack from the Relics saw a turn and shot from Graham going just wide. Kingsmaid replied with a few long range efforts that didn’t trouble Gaz in the Relics net. Following a flowing passing move down the left hand side from the Relics Graham had another shot just wide.
The best chance for the Relics was from a long ball out from Gaz direct to Graham, who’s shot was goal bound but turned for a corner by the Kingsmaid keeper.
Kingsmaid replied with a swift break down their left hand side, the shot fizzed off the wet surface and passed Gaz, Kingsmaid 1 up.
Gaz kept the Relics in it a few minutes later with a super save from a deflected shot that he somehow managed to turn over the bar. Relics had the final attack of the game but Grahams shot was saved by the keeper. The game was played at a really impressive fast pace throughout.
Final Score Relics 0 – 1 Kingsmaid

Next up for the Relics was another tough game against last seasons league champions Corinthians.
Corinthians started brightly with a shot which went wide left. Relics replied with a couple of shots from Graham both going wide. Some great work from Tony G and Stewart resulted in a shot from Graham that the keeper managed to keep out. An intercepted pass from Relics defence resulted in a shot from Corinthians saved by Gaz. A brilliant pass from Graham from the left was just missed by an outstretched leg from Terry who had made a fabulous fast walk out from defence. Right at the death Gaz made a fabulous save in the top left hand corner to keep the score 0 – 0
Final Score Relics 0 – 0 Corinthians

The Relics were the better team in their third game against Rochdale but just couldn’t couldn’t convert their chances into goals, hitting both posts and the crossbar in the process.
The Relics started well with a shot from Graham that was just wide. Shortly afterwards Stewart had a great shot that beat the keeper but hit the post. Another chance was created from great work between Stewart and Graham that resulted in a shot from Graham just wide. Another chance followed a through ball from Pete Shev but Grahams shot hit the post. Stewart had another effort that went just wide and Graham had a shot saved. Rochdale finally called Gaz into action late on but their shot was comfortable for the Relics keeper. The final effort from the Relics saw Graham hit the bar following a nice passing move.
Final Score Relics 0 – 0 Rochdale

The final game of the day for the Relics was against last seasons runners up Wakefield Wanderers. Another fast paced game with Wakefield having most of the ball in the early stages. Wakefield made their early dominance pay off, and the Relics went 0 – 1 down when a fierce shot from the left hand side beat Gaz. Wakefield were passing the ball around well and another couple of shots went thigh and wide before Gaz somehow managed to turn a low goal bound shot round his right hand post for a corner. The Relics brought the game level following a great pass from Terry down the right found Stewart who’s turn and shot was a cracker giving the keeper no chance. 1 – 1 Relics were unlucky to go 1 – 2 down when a Wakefield shot ricocheted past Gaz.
Final Score Relics 1 -2 Wakefield

The Relics deserved more from the day as the team played well and were always in the games but this is a top division and games will be won on fine margins.
There will be little between any of these teams and league positions will probably change each session in a really strong league with every team of the highest standard.

Well done to all the Relics: Gaz (gk), Tony G, Pete Shev, Terry H, Stewart, Graham W, Keith S. Manager Ken B.

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GMWFL Spring 2022 – A good and steady start for the Over 70’s Blues

A new season starts with a difference, Europe is closer to war than it has ever been in the recent past; I think I speak for most/all Relics, especially those who have pro-actively contributed to the humanitarian effort by donations to the Polish club in Bury, we wish Peace to Ukraine.

Bury Relics over 70’s versus Blackpool.
The brightest thing about this day was Blackpool’s tangerine kit, as cold and wet inclement weather welcomed the Relics to the stadium in Heywood. Blackpool started the brightest with 2 quick fire shots, the second of which was sent into orbit, and gave a head height free-kick to the Relics. Play continued with quick changes in possession, where Field marshal John W was playing the role of lion tamer in a midfield battle, to try and domesticate the Blackpool midfield. However, this was not consistent with the non-contact rules. John had quickly clocked up two fouls, the second of which was when he completely cleared out their tricky number 11, just a like a bullet of a 10-pin bowling ball, blowing all the pins away for a strike. That put the Relics on a total of 3 fouls, and they were now playing the rest of the game on a knife edge. But this did not dampen the combative attitude of the Relics, with Tex, Pete and Tony all making some good and well-timed tackles, intercepting the ball and quelling any momentum of Blackpool. The Relics were now more composed and making some good passes where Tex came close with a shot, that was saved, and then in a subsequent attack saw John W hit a post. So close but no cigar. It was not all one-way traffic though, as Blackpool had opportunities and it took a good save from Eddie to turn the ball around for a corner. A nice move was then executed by the Relics, which started with Tex collecting a ball at speed, then dragging the ball back to behind his standing leg, and then Cruyff turn like, passing the ball to John W, who laid it off to Jerry who shot but was just wide, but a good chance nonetheless. Now it was Tex’s turn to have a shot, who hit it powerfully but the keeper was right behind it to make the save, to give the Relics a corner. From this, a nice and first time shot from John W but this just whistled wide. The Relics were now on top and their pinpoint passing was making opportunities to shoot: John W had a good shot saved, and then Jerry hit a pile driver but this bullet banged against the post, which was so hard the post started shaking like a tuning fork. Then, as the game was starting to get more interesting with Relics dominating, the final whistle went, and the result was a goalless draw.
Bury Relics over 70’s 0 – 0 Blackpool.

Bury Relics over 70’s versus Rochdale Strollers.
Under the great guidance of Keith S and Ken, the team was re-shuffled to now include an outfield Pat the Cat (without his gloves) and Keith B. I hope there were ready as this was a game against last seasons champions. The answer was that they were ready and started the game the better team, with Tex having a shot blocked, following accurate passing between all Relics players. There was a precise interception by Pat the Cat at the back, and the ball played to Keith B, who via a John W pass, managed to get the ball to Jerry in a bit of space, who hit an enormously powerful shot that shook the cross-bar. That was close for Relics taking the lead. John W, Tex and Jerry had further shots blocked but Rochdale were countering with chances of their own, one of which had to be saved by a good, Olympic gold medal worthy, dive by Eddy. While Relics pressed down the other end, the ball was lost and the Rochdale striker was left on a one on one with Eddie. It was like the final gun fight of good, the bad and the ugly western, both striker and keeper were waiting for the other to make the first move. Eddie held his nerve, which put the Rochdale striker off and he shot wide. Relief as that was a really good chance for them. Down the other end, Jerry had a shot saved, and almost immediately, at the Relics end, there was a free-kick to Rochdale. Their move was intricate, which bamboozled the Relics defence, and made a good shooting chance that was saved by Eddie. It was end to end stuff, with further shots from both sides; John W and Keith B both had good shots, which were saved, and Rochdale had a shot just wide right at the other end. This was a good result for the Relics, against the reigning champions, a 0 – 0 draw.
Bury Relics over 70’s 0 – 0 Rochdale Strollers.

Bury Relics over 70’s versus Manchester Senior Citizens.
This match was physical and competitive from the off, with lots of tackles going in from both sides, trying to gain some dominance in the game. Both John W and Tex were making tackles against the City team who were having more of the possession. This led to a City corner and shot, that Eddie did well to get down to and save. The Relics were now putting some multiple passing moves together, which led to a lay off by Jerry to John W, who hit a good shot but which was saved. Then after another regain in possession by the Relics, John W produced a nice turn and shot but again this was saved by the City keeper. The tide had turned and the Relics were putting pressure on City’s goal. One nice moment was when John W on the right-hand side of the area, hit a hard shot/cross across the area to Jerry, who hit a nice first time shot but which was saved. It was a good chance and the crowd were saying, wow, great move and that was close. The Relics were defending well and a few niggles were creeping into the game; nothing explosive but the tackles were firm, to let them know they were there. Jerry got the ball in an advanced position, and did a stepover/shuffle, and then hit a good shot that was wide. A final chance was created by John W, who, when receiving the ball with his back to goal, span and shot first time. Unfortunately, it was not on target. A good battle of a game, that was very close but with the Relics shading it on chances.
Bury Relics over 70’s 0 – 0 Manchester Senior Citizens

Bury Relics over 70’s versus Preston
The game started tit for tat, where each team was stringing a few passes together but both sides were not testing the goalies. But then John W found Jerry in a modicum of space, who turned quickly and put a low and powerful shot just wide. Then it was the turn of John W himself to have a shot, this time it was on target but the keeper made the save. The fastest thing seen all day was a yellow hatted player, who had the ability to move at speed around the pitch, while been undetected for running by the officials; luckily for the Relics, this did not lead to a goal. Following a failed Preston attack, Eddie, from the pre-goal division (similar to Tom Cruise in the pre-crime division- Minority Report), envisaged the goal that was about to happen. He visualized that Tex was in a bit of space at the back and quickly threw the ball to his feet. Tex then simultaneously looked up and played a first-time ball to the feet of Jerry, who was in an advanced position in space. The pass from Tex was like a laser guided cruise missile, that just had enough pace on the ball for Jerry to caress the ball with his instep, to bring it under sublime control, then to move it just ahead of him, which was in a perfect position to be hit. Jerry pulled his shooting leg back, like cocking a Magnum 44 hand gun, and let the hammer go, which catapulted the bullet ball into the roof of Preston’s goal. A magnificent move and tremendous finish into the roof of the net. This jolted Preston into life and they started pro-actively making chances and shots against the Relics goal. This led to an outstanding save by Eddie, who had to react quickly, to scoop the ball over his own cross-bar. A great save to keep it at one nil to the Relics. More Preston pressure ensued from the corner and some good last ditch defending by the Relics kept the score at 1 – 0. A tremendous result and well deserved from all the hard work the team had done today.
Bury Relics over 70’s 1 – 0 Preston

A big thank you and well done for a great team effort; the squad consisted: Pat the cat, John W, Keith B, Tony P, Jerry S, Tex, Peter A and Eddie the keeper. Also thanks to Keith S, Ken and Kodak Keith for supplying expert football coaching and the fabulous photos. And thanks to all the supporters who turned up despite the rain. Match report by Dr. John.

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Relics Whites and Relics Orange share top spot at Maccabi

The Relics Whites and the Relics Orange teams shared the ‘trophy’ at the Maccabi Mini Tournament. The tournament consisted of six teams, three Relics teams, two Salocm teams and Maccabi, split into two divisions of three teams.
The Relics Whites topped group A, and the Relics Orange topped group B to meet in the final which ended 1 – 1.
As the competition had exceeded the pitch hire time there wasn’t any time for extra time or penalties, so the ‘trophy’ was declared shared.

All the results are on the 2022 Fixtures and Results page.
Final table positions are below.
Apologies for no photos, Kodak Keith was on holiday.

Relics Whites2200406
Salcom Blue2101213
Relics Orange2110214
Salcom Yellow2101223
Relics Blues2011231

Well done to all the Relics players involved :-
Whites – Eddie (GK), Tony G, Graham W, Gerry L, Keith B, Alan B, John H
Blues – Gaz (GK), JoMo, Tex, Ayaz, Jerry S, Tony P, Peter A, Watford Mark.
Relics Orange, Chris F (GK), Terry H, Pete Shev, Iain D, Mark T, Nev K, Andy Rich

Special thanks and well done to the two refs, Pat and Ken, who had to put up with a lot of complaining and disputes but handled the games extremely well.

Team News and Fixtures Update

Please note the team news and fixtures information below.
The information included in this update covers:-

  • Relics additional team in the GMWFL.
  • 60’s and 65’s enter National Cup.
  • 65’s qualify for the League Champions Cup.
  • Dates for the GMWFL Spring 2022 season.

Additional Team in the GMWFL
The Relics have entered an additional team into the Greater Manchester Walking Football League (GMWFL) for the Spring 2022 season. The Relics will now have two teams in the over 60’s age group and one team in each of the over 65’s and over 70’s age groups. The new team will start in Division 5 of the over 60’s league.

Walking Football League National Cup.
This season The Relics will be venturing into the Walking Football League National Cup with two teams, an over 60’s team and an over 65’s team. the first round games will be in April, dates to be confirmed.

Champions League
The Relics over 65’s have qualified for the League Champions Cup which involves first and second place teams in various walking football leagues coming together in a finals day.
This will be held on one day in April or May (date to be confirmed) at Leek Town FC on astroturf
More information to follow when available.

GMWFL Spring 2022 Fixture dates
The full list of fixtures dates is below, the dates that the Relics will be involved are in Bold. Note that the new over 60’s team in Division 5, and the over 70’s game days are Wednesdays.
The over 60’s in Division 1 and the over 65’s game days are Thursdays.

Fixture Dates
Wed 2nd March Over 70s Division 1
Thur 3rd March Over 60s Divisions 1 & 2
Wed 9th March Over 70s Division 2
Thur 10th March Over 60s Divisions 3 & 4
Wed 16th March Over 60s Division 5
Thur 17th March Over 65s Divisions 1 & 2
Thur 24th March Over 65s Divisions 3 & 4
Wed 6th April Over 70s Division 1
Thur 7th April Over 60s Divisions 1 & 2

Wed 13th April Over 70s Division 2
Thur 14th April Over 60s Divisions 3 & 4
Wed 20th April Over 60s Division 5
Thur 21st April Over 65s Divisions 1 & 2

Thur 28th April Over 65s Divisions 3 & 4

Wed 4th May Over 70s Division 1
Thur 5th May Over 60s Divisions 1 & 2
Wed 11th May Over 70s Division 2
Thur 12th May Over 60s Divisions 3 & 4
Wed 18th May Over 60s Division 5
Thur 19th May Over 65s Divisions 1 & 2

Thur 26th May Over 65s Divisions 3 & 4
Wed 1st June Over 70s Division 1
Thur 2nd June Over 60s Divisions 1 & 2

Wed 8th June Over 70s Division 2
Thur 9th June Over 60s Divisions 3 & 4
Wed 15th June Over 60s Division 5
Thur 16th June Over 65s Divisions 1 & 2

Thur 23rd June Over 65s Divisions 3 & 4

Presentation Night 2022

After a tough but successful 2021 on and off the pitch, the Relics players, family and friends celebrated in style at the Presentation Night at Radcliffe Borough Football Club on Friday 28th January 2022.

Over 50 people attended a wonderful evening of laughter, entertainment, and good food culminating in the award of five trophies, over 60’s player of the year went to Tony Greenall, over 65’s player of the year was awarded to John Morris, and the over 70’s player of the year was won by Tex O’Rourke. The Players player of the year went to goalkeeping superstar ‘General’ Gaz Sweeney.

A special award for Clubman of the Year was presented to the inspirational Ken Buggie. There was also a special award for John Herbert and Pat Fitzgerald, ‘The Trolley Dollies’, for their services to tea and coffee making.

The entertainment was provided by Relics players newly formed trio ‘Hat Trick’ featuring JoMo (Guitar and vocals), Dr John (drums) and Iain D (aka Norman Moot) on bass guitar.

Once again, many thanks to our resident photographer ‘Kodak’ Keith Hayes for the photos.

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