Friendly fixtures Jan / Feb 2023

Please note the dates for your diaries for pre season friendlies as below …

  • Preston Walkers ….. At Heywood, last week of January 11-00 AM K/O  (probably Thursday) over 60/65’s  to be confirmed.
  • Salcom ….. Thursday 9th February 11am till 1pm (2 hr session ) at Salford for a mixed 60/65’s side plus a 70’s side. Squads to be announced later.
  • Burnley Clarets ….. Thursday 23rd February 2023  10am till 12noon (2hr session )
  • for 60’s 65’s and 70’s teams. Squads to be announced later.
  • If anyone is unavailable for any dates please notify Kieran so that alternative arrangements can be made as necessary.

All pre season friendlies will be added to the 2023 fixture list as and when they become available.

Full 2023 fixture list is here …

GMWFL Autumn 2022 – Relics over 60s Stripes finish third in division 5

Date; December 21st 2022. The over 60’s Stripes team were very close to finishing runners up in the Spring, just missing out by a single goal. Then, they amassed 13 points from 12 games but today they were sitting in third position on 8 points, only 2 points ahead of bottom placed Wakefield. So, there was the dual potential for Bury Relics Stripes to either finish bottom of the pile, or, with a sensational set of results, finish in runners up position.

Turning up on the day, it was bright sunshine but with a chill in the air. Bury players were warming up, whilst supporters were chatting together. As KO approached, there was an announcement; the Wakefield team was stuck in a several miles tail-back on the motorway. Therefore, Bury were awarded a walkover by the league. In one way, it was an easy 3 points for Bury, but on the other hand, it is far more fun and sporting to win those points by playing football. Discussions followed and there was talk of a scratch team of subs from Ribble and Bolton clubbing together to give Relics a game but, in the end, the Bury manager of the day, sir Pat the Cat, performed his signature infantry style warm up, including the legendary Penguin shoulder shuffle. And this was followed by a session of 3 vs. 3, of attack versus defence, using one goal with Ed in the nets. This meant Bury would be in the football groove for when it was time for their second fixture, and a Referee even ran this mini-kick about to make it even more realistic.

Bury Relics Stripes vs. Wakefield Wanderers Whites
Pat’s warm up and 3 vs. 3; includes an Ed save and a nice Mike finish, click-here.
The final result was a 1-0 win to Bury (*walkover as no show by Wakefield).
Goal: no goals in this game.
Result, Bury Relics over 60’s Stripes 1 – 0 Wakefield Wanderers Whites

Bury Relics over 60’s Stripes versus Bolton Wanderers Whites
To watch extended highlights of this game, click-here.
The final result was a 1-0 win to Bolton.
Goal: a tremendous strike, Ed had no chance, click-here.
Result, Bury Relics over 60’s Stripes 0 – 1 Bolton Wanderers Whites

Bury Relics over 60’s Stripes versus Ribble Valley WFC
To watch extended highlights of this game, click-here.
The final result was a 1-0 win to Ribble.
Goal: a sharp strike that was low and hard, click-here.
Result, Bury Relics over 60’s Stripes 0 – 1 Ribble Valley WFC

Bury Relics Stripes vs. Wakefield Wanderers Whites (Friendly)
The Wakefield team arrived and a 15-minute friendly game was played.
To watch extended highlights of this game, click-here.
The final result was a 1-0 win to Bury.
Goal: an intricate free-kick routine that bamboozled the Wakefield defence.
A great assist by Keith H that was smashed in by Andy R, click-here.
Result, Bury Relics over 60’s Stripes 1 – 0 Wakefield Wanderers Whites (Friendly)

There was a twist of fate: the fact that the walkover for Bury against Wakefield was the same result as the friendly game played. In any case, the end result was that Bury finished third again in the table, collecting 11 points this time around. From a spectator’s perspective, there was some good football coming from the Relics, with good shots from Andy, Keith H, Watford Mark and Mike. Mark T and Pete mostly played defensive today, although Pete’s eyes were watering when he found himself in an advanced position a couple of times to have a shot. Ed made some great saves as well that can be seen in the videos. Mike also showed some great ball control, that on occasion enabled him to weave in and around opponents. Great stuff, and the support was also good, with relatives of Mark T watching, plus Frank, Wayne, Keith S and fast Ken cheering the Relics on. All the players put a lot of effort in today, and the squad consisted: Ed (GK), Mark T, Peter S, Mike, Andy R, Keith H and Watford Mark. Team management and staff: Sir Pat the Cat and Keiren. Report by Dr. John. Happy Christmas.

GMWFL Autumn 2022 – Relics over 70’s Double top for 2022

7th Dec 2022: Following on from their league title success in the GMWFL Spring 2022 season in June 2022, The Relics over 70’s made it Back-to-Back title wins in 2022 by claiming the Autumn Season title on goal difference from Rochdale.

On another tense day at Heywood the Relics over 70’s started the day on top of the table with a 7-goal, goal different advantage over Rochdale, knowing that the Rochdale game was the last game of the day, so the pressure was on to get wins in the other two games,

First game, and the Bury nerves were calmed early in the game when the Relics went ahead in the first 2 minutes with a goal from John W. Relics were playing lovely football with Blackpool hardly getting any possession. Relics were soon 2 goals ahead with that man again John W getting a second goal. Half time 2 – 0 to Bury. The second half continued with the Relics dominating possession. Ed in the Relics goal not having much to do, at the other end the Blackpool keeper was being kept busy with a number of shots the best of which was a shot from Keiran that had the keeper diving to his right to pull off a remarkable save. Relics couldn’t add to the score though, and the final score ended
Blackpool 0 – 2 Bury Rochdale also won their first game 1 – 0

Game two, and another win is required, pressure continues for the Relics. This game followed a similar pattern to the Blackpool game with the Relics playing really well, having the majority of possession and shots. A cracking left foot goal from Bob put the relics in front. Followed soon after by a second goal when the keeper parried a shot to the left edge of the area where Keiran was waiting to pounce, with the keeper advancing out to block Keiran’s shot he passes the ball across the area to JoMo who calmly passes the ball into the empty net. 2 – 0 to the Relics. Relics third came from a pass from JoMo on the right that found Keiran at the edge of the box, he found John W who scored to make it Relics 3 – 0
Final Score Tameside 0 – 3 Relics. Rochdale also won their second game 3 – 0

The final game of the day, the final game of the season. Relics and Rochdale on the same number of points, but the Relics have a far superior goal difference. That didn’t matter now, Rochdale only needed a 1 – 0 win, and the title was theirs. On the other hand, a draw for th Relics would be enough. In a close game the Relics continued to play good football. The game was close, with not too many attempts on goal from either team although the Relics had a scare when Ed blocked a powerful shot onto the outside of his right-hand post which, for a second, looked like it was going to creep behind Ed into the net, but the ball went out for a corner.

Final score Rochdale 0 – 0 Relics and The Relics are back-to-back Champions.

Congratulation to all the Relics involved on the day,: Ed (GK), DaveMo, Bob, Tex, John W, JoMo, Keiran, Keith B, and Manager Ken B. Also to all the supporters that came along.

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GMWFL Autumn 2022 – Exciting last day for Relics over 60’s whites

1st December 2022. The final day of the Greater Manchester Walking Football League over 60’s (Division 1 and 2) Autumn season came to a dramatic end today.
In Division 2 The Relics started the day in second place on goal difference behind Bolton

1Bolton Wanderers Blues12471519
2Bury Relics Whites12471319
Top of Division 2 at the start of today’s fixtures

11:00am – First game of the day, and possible title decider, was Relics v Bolton. A tough game with both teams having chances and Relics goalkeeper Gaz making some great saves. Best chance came to the Relics 10 minutes into the game and the Relics are awarded a four-foul penalty, could this be the moment that the Relics go three points clear at the top? Relics hadn’t scored against Bolton all season, could this be the deciding moment?
Graham steps forward to take the spot kick. His shot is hit hard into the Bolton keepers top right-hand corner, the keeper had guessed right but dived low to his right, with the keeper beaten, the cheers had started to form in the Relics supporter’s throat’s but the ball thudded the crossbar and went out over the top and the cheers turned to groans of dis-belief. Final score 0 – 0 and no change at the top of the table.

1Bolton Wanderers Blues13481520
2Bury Relics Whites13481320
No change at the top

11:20am – Bury v Preston, who started the day bottom of the table, and Bolton v Blackpool
Three minutes in and Graham, surrounded by Preston players, receives a ball on the edge of the area, he turns and fires a left-foot shot that beats the diving keeper to put the Relics 1 – 0 up, and that’s how it finished.
Meanwhile … Bolton v Blackpool was taking place at the same time and the news from the other pitch is that Bolton have lost 1 – 0. Relics are now top of the table with a three point advantage over Bolton.

1Bury Relics Whites14581423
2Bolton Wanderers Blues14482420
Relics move into top spot

12:00noon – Relics v Carlisle and Bolton v Preston. Relics need a win against a good Carlisle side who were having a good day so far. Gaz kept the Relics in the game with some great saves, then 12 minutes into the game and the Relics were awarded their second penalty of the day.
Graham steps up with confidence to take the kick. This time his shot is hard and low to the keepers right, but the keeper has guessed right and gets down well to his right and parries the ball which rolls slowly out of the area to Gordon who tries to keep the momentum going, but he is blocked by the Carlisle defence and the move breaks down.
Final score 0 – 0, and only one-point for the Relics.
Now … how have Bolton got on? A shock for the Relics, Bolton has beaten Preston 4 – 0 a massive win for them and a four-goal advantage. Relics lead in the table is cut to 1 point with only one game left to play.

1Bury Relics Whites15591424
2Bolton Wanderers Blues15582823
Relics lead down to one point

12:20pm Relics play Blackpool (who had beaten Bolton earlier in the day), knowing that a win will clinch the title. Pressure is on for the Relics, with the Bolton players, management, and supporters watching from the touchline ahead of their last game at 12:40pm. Relics were on top and had a few good chances, Graham hit the woodwork, and Ian had a shot just wide. With a few minutes to go the Relics are awarded their third penalty of the day. Surely this is the moment that the Relics clinch the title, third time lucky and all that.
Bravely Graham steps up again, his penalty is well struck to the keepers right, but the keeper has guessed right and saves, pushing the ball out for a corner. Groans from the Relics contingent on the touchline. The final whistle goes as the game ends 0 – 0.
The Bolton contingent are happy, they know a win against Carlisle in their last game will snatch the trophy from the Relics grasp.

1Bury Relics Whites165101425
2Bolton Wanderers Blues15582823
Relics 2 points in front, Bolton need a win

12:40 Bolton v Carlisle and within a few minutes Bolton have scored, cheers from the Bolton crowd and groans from the Relics crowd. 1 – 0 to Bolton. Bolton are on top for the next few minutes, and all looks lost for the Relics.
Out of nowhere Carlisle get an equaliser, Bolton 1 Carlisle 1. Relics are back on top, Relics fans have become Carlisle fans for one game.
A long ball out from the Carlisle defence to the striker alone up front, he turns his marker and scores!!!! Bolton 1 Carlisle 2, Surely that’s it, surely Bolton can’t come back from this. Bolton keep pressing and get the equaliser 2 – 2. Can they do it will they snatch top spot from the Relics. Bolton are trying hard to get the winner, but they run out of time, the game ends 2 – 2 and the Relics are Division 2 Champions. Wow, that was a tense day.

1Bury Relics Whites165101425
2Bolton Wanderers Blues16592824
Relics finish as Div 2 champs, what a day.

So, the Relics bounce back to Division 1 at the first attempt following relegation at the end of last season.
Congratulation to all the Relics involved on the day,: Gaz (GK), Keith S, Wayne, Gordon (Dog), Ian, Graham, Alan, Tony G

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GMWFL Autumn 2022 – Pain in the rain for over 65s; now playing for runners up

The penultimate set of fixtures for the over 65’s top division in the GMWFL had arrived and Bury Relics were currently in 2nd place, seven points behind leaders Kingsmaid. Only a perfect set of results for Bury and a freak series of losses for Kingsmaid, will enable Bury to take top spot. Due to injury and a funeral, several key players were absent and a makeshift team had been assembled. Two players were making their debut, Ken B and David L, and Steady Teddy Eddy had had his goalkeeper gloves surgically removed before kick-off, so that he could be a stand-in striker. Ian from the over 60’s had also been drafted in. The ever-ready Pat the cat assured me that he had his superman cape and Bury Relics kit under his tracksuit, just in case he was needed. To set the scene, Heywood was under a deluge of rain. Despite that, plenty of Bury supporters had turned up, sporting umbrellas. One lady had a particularly smooth brolly, which had brightly coloured pictures of Giraffes printed on it. To the football; Bury had a rest for the first game and watched Ray’s Preston play Rochdale, in an entertaining game, where 2 goals were scored in the first minutes of play and two players were blue carded not long after. The first fixture for Bury was against Manchester Corinthians.

Bury Relics vs. Manchester Corinthians
The initial line up for the Relics: Gaz in goal, Dave L and captain Tex in defence, Alan and Ian in midfield with Fast Ken B in attack. The best of the action in this game was 2 very good saves by Gaz in goal. One was from a well-constructed move by Corinthians, who got a shot away and Gaz had to get down sharply to save. And the other save, came from a Bury Relics interception by Ian, but the ball was diverted to the opposite side of the goal to where Gaz was covering, and it was going in. Gaz had to readjust very quickly and produce a cat like dive, to tip the ball around the post and out for a corner. The Corinthians had more possession and were passing the ball with discipline around the team. But Bury were standing firm, with Tex and Dave making interceptions and getting the ball up front. Ken was playing well in attack, having a battle with their centre back, who kept trying to get in front of Ken to intercept passes. On one occasion, Ken gets it perfectly timed and plays a good ball back to an onrushing Alan, but he’s well marked and there’s no opportunity to shoot. Another good move involved Dave, Tex and Alan, who found Ken free on the lefthand side, but his shot was saved. Ian was also presented with a chance late on, being set up by Ken, but the resulting shot was just wide. Corinthians had a bit more possession, passes and shots than Bury but the Relics stood firm and could have scored themselves. A hard-fought draw.
Bury Relics 0 – 0 Manchester Corinthians

Bury Relics vs. Preston
Steady Teddy Eddy was brought into the team to act as target man against Preston, and early on Bury found him, but Eddy was a bit off balance and could not fire his shot effectively. Then followed a series of 8 shots by Preston, who kept Gaz alert in goal; one shot was from a long way out but Gaz made a good save, with Ian clearing up the rebound from the save. Then there was a good move with Ian combing with Eddy for a one-two, with Ian getting a shot fired off but just a whisker wide. That brought a few ooohs from the Bury supporters. Then Steady Teddy Eddy is put through on goal and manages to get good power on his shot, low but unfortunately it went just wide of the post. Then Preston replied with an attack of their own, which produced some good play from Dave L, who was nearly turned inside-out by a Preston players trickery, but he held firm and got the ball safely passed to Tex. Bury then won a free-kick, which was played to the right and Tex, who was advancing towards goal; he hit a thunder-bolt of a shot towards goal but again it was just wide of the post. The result was another drawn game, which Bury came more into, attacking wise, in the latter stages.
Bury Relics 0 – 0 Preston

Bury Relics vs. Kingsmaid
Just prior to kick-off, the rumour was that Kingsmaid had won all their fixtures on the day, and a win against the Relics would hand them the championship. And it was a dreadful start for the Relics, as their #77 striker bulldozed his way through 2 Relics players, to toe-bung the ball past a stranded Gaz. One-nill to Kingsmaid. In the next passage of play, there was an absolute tremendous save by Gaz in goal. Bury were attacking the Kingsmaid goal but a stray pass was intercepted and a Kingsmaid player, and he played to another player for a free shot. He hit it powerfully, but it either took a bobble or a last-ditch tackle/foot from a Relics player, so that the ball was diverted upwards. Gaz, who had already dived, had to quickly throw a hand up to divert the powerful drive over the bar. The crowd purred at the save as it was awesome. Then Bury had a chance of their own as Alan was played clear down the right-hand side but his shot just went wide. In the next passage of play, Bury managed to lose the ball at the back, and a single pass was made to their #77 striker, who turned and scored again, with a rocket to Gaz’s lefthand side. 2-0 to Kingsmaid. Despite that, Bury didn’t give up, and good passing around the team eventually finds Ian on the edge of the Kingsmaid area. He turned sharply and shot, but it was just wide. Then it was Tex’s turn for a shot on Bury’s next attack, this time it was on target and with power, but the keeper makes a really good save to keep Tex and Bury out. The game ended in a 2–0 loss and handed Kingsmaid the title, who celebrated with a team photo in one of the goals. Bury were now playing for runners up.
Bury Relics 0 – 2 Kingsmaid

Bury Relics vs. Rochdale Strollers
An early interception by Dave and a good pass by Tex to Ian, provides Ian with a chance but the Rochdale keeper makes a save with his feet. On the next Bury attack, Tex passes it forward, down the lefthand side to Eddy. He anticipates a run from Ian and plays a perfect pass into his path; Ian meets the ball on the edge of the area and toe-bungs the ball, back across the Rochdale keeper, to score and make it 1-0 to Bury Relics. Ian is soon to have another shot from the subsequent play, but this time the keeper saves. A good passing move around the team and a long ball forward towards Eddy, is nearly delicious but the ball is just too far out of Eddy’s reach. It was a great move, just the weight on the final pass prevented a goal scoring chance. Alan has a good shot just over late on, after Ian had played the ball off to him but it was just over the bar. The rain was hammering it down by now but Bury were in complete control of this game. Rochdale hardly had a touch in the last few minutes, as Bury controlled the play comfortably, to manage the game out and hold on to a deserved 1-0 victory.  
Bury Relics 1 – 0 Rochdale Strollers

Summary; To play 4 games in such atrocious and wet conditions took some doing, and the Bury Relics makeshift team did really well. To only lose to the champions and win points from all other fixtures is great; Well done! Hopefully, being now 5 points clear of third place in the table, the Relics can cement their place as runners up next time around. The team consisted of Gaz (GK), Tex (captain), Dave L, Alan B, Ian M, Fast Ken B and Steady Teddy Eddy. Management: Ken 1 and Keith S did a sterling job, organizing and guiding the team. Thanks to the wet supporters, including Keiren, Pat the cat, Nikon Nev and Giraffe Umbrella lady. Report and pics by Dr. John.

GMWFL Autumn 2022 – Solid performance for the over 60’s stripes

Match day 3 for the over 60’s stripes saw the league debuts for Iain Dawson and Mike Bartram. The Relics were aiming to move off the foot of the table.

The first game was against Wakefield Wanderers who where just two points ahead of the Relics going into todays game. The game was tough with both sides having chances but none getting taken. Into the second half and with the Relics pressing a Wakefield defender strayed into the area, penalty to the Relics. Up stepped skipper Andy Richardson, He anticipated the keeper diving and hit it straight down the middle, but the keeper stayed put and saved the shot with his feet. Two minutes later and Andy got his revenge, he turned the defender on the edge of the box and rifled in a superb strike which had the keeper on his knees picking the ball out of the net. 1 – 0 to the Relics, and that’s how the game finished which meant that the Relics leapfrogged over Wakefield in the table, for the time being anyway.

Next up were Bolton who started the day in second place and were pushing for top spot and promotion.
Bolton had the better of the play, but Gaz in the Relics goal continued his great form from the first game and kept them at bay.
Late in the first half the Relics went ahead when Mark Thomas had space down the right and strode forward from the right back position all the way to the Bolton area and as the keeper dived to his right, Mark hit his shot high to the keepers left to give the Relics the lead. A great goal from Mark. The ref blows for half time and Andy Richardson is ecstatic, thinking we had won 1 – 0, but sadly it was only half-time.
Bolton equalised early in the second half with a shot that gave Gaz no chance. Bolton got the winner through a shot that Gaz had covered down to his left, but the shot was deflected into the other corner of the goal. A valiant effort from the Relics but unlucky with the deflection. final score Relics 1 – 2 Bolton.

Final game of the day was against Ribble Valley. A tough game with both sides having chances and Gaz again in superb form. The Relics were stunned when Ribble were awarded a penalty, but the shot was well wide of Gaz’s right hand post. The Relics played better football in the second half but nobody could break the deadlock.
Final score 0 – 0

Four point on the day was a good haul for the Relics. Positives on the day were the two new boys Iain Dawson and Mark Bartram playing well, and Gaz in great form, Mark scored a great goal from right back and Andy Richardson scored a blinder. John Howson was struggling with his stamina but was solid as usual. Sub Keith B played his part along with un-used super sub Pat.

Well done to all the players on the day, Gaz, Mark T, John H, Iain Daws, Mike Bart, Andy Rich, Pat, Keith B. Plus Manager Ken Buggie. Thanks to all the touch line support too.

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GMWFL Over 60’s Div 2 – Relics unbeaten on the day

3rd November 2022.
GMWFL match day 3, another 4 tough fixtures faced the Relics over 60’s whites who were two points behind leaders Bolton at the start of the day. At the close of play the Relics were unbeaten on the day and had made up the two points to sit in second place on goal difference. Everything left to play for on the final day of the season next month.

The first two games were frustrating for the Relics with a lot of possession and shots but not being able to turn that into goals.
Relics 0 – 0 Bolton Wanderers Blues
Preston North End 0 – 0 Relics

Next up for the Relics were Carlisle, who were still tough opponents even though they had started the day at the foot of the table. The game could have gone either way with Eddie in the Relics net pulling off some great saves.
There was controversy when, following a good passing move, Dog’s shot was parried out by the keeper back to Dog who calmly chipped over the keeper into the net, only for the ‘goal’ to be disallowed by the ref saying that Dog had been in the goal area. Decide for yourself, inside or outside the area? watch the video here and study the VAR photo below.
The Relics got the win through a penalty from Graham following a clumsy foul on Dog as he was bearing down on the Carlisle goal
Final score Carlisle 0 -1 Relics

The Relics were on top right from the start in the final game of the day against Blackpool and went 1 – 0 up early on in the game, but Blackpool kept pressing and eventually got the equaliser.
Relics got the winner from Dog following a good spell of possession and passing from the Relics.
Final score Relics 2 – 1 Blackpool

All the games were played at a really fast pace. Well done to the whole squad for solid performances in all games.
Edd (gk), Wayne, Keith S, Graham W, Ian McC, Gordon ‘Dog’, Alan Blackley, and manager Ken Buggie.

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A mixed bag for the over 70s league fixtures

For once, there was no rain to greet us at HeyFlood but a cool 12 Celcius temperature and a medium speed wind. The Bury Relics over 70s squad were ready for action and out in force, with a grand total of 8 players in today’s squad. Following the leagues ritual of going through safety features, Pat had to remove his diamond encrusted ring, as even the bright yellow insulation tape that was encasing it was not deemed safe enough to play with. Minus the Bling, the games commenced.

Bury Relics vs. Blackpool FC SS
To watch extended highlights of this game, click-here.
The final result was a 0-0 draw.
Goal: no goals in this game.
Result, Bury Relics 0 – 0 Blackpool FC SS

Bury Relics vs. Tameside Striders Blues
To watch extended highlights of this game, click-here.
The final result was a 1-0 win to Bury Relics.
Goal: Bury’s goal was scored by John W, click-here.
Result, Bury Relics 1 – 0 Tameside Striders Blues

Bury Relics vs. Rochdale AFC Strollers
To watch extended highlights of this game, click-here.
The final result was a 1-0 loss to Rochdale.
Goal: a penalty goal for Rochdale, click-here.
Result, Bury Relics 0 – 1 Rochdale AFC Strollers

In summary; a mixed bag of results and play. At times there were flowing passing moves, and the goal against Tameside was excellently worked. But at other times, the play was disjointed. The feeling around the lads, was that the penalty was very harsh, with even Rochdale players agreeing. However, the ref was adamant an infringement had taken place and it was a penalty. On reflection, two inches would have given Relics three further points today, as John W hit the cross bar against Blackpool, and Tony P nearly pulled off a dramatic equalizer by hitting the upright against Rochdale. One inch lower or to the left and results would have changed from a draw and a loss to a win and a draw. That’s football as they say.

On a very positive note, it was terrific to see Jerry S turn up for the after-game brews; great to see you, Jerry. And that Stewart W is back on the road to recovery, as he watched Relics play after a training session. The players and staff did a phenomenal job on the day, as per usual, with the squad consisting of: Steady Teddy Eddy (GK), Keiren, Tex, John W, Keith B, Tony P, Pat the Cat and Wayne D. Management/staff: Ken B and Keith S.
Report, pics and videos by Dr. John.


Over 65s team looked balanced and performed well in the league

There was no need to check a weather App before this game; as I approached HeyFlood, it was raining. It was nice to see several Bury supporters had turned up in the rain, to follow and support their team. Following a safety announcement from the league officials, the games got underway. Bury Relics did not play and had some time to prepare and visualize their game plans, as the other 4 teams were playing each other. The first fixture up for the Relics was a tough one, against Corinthians.

Bury Relics vs. Manchester Corinthians
To watch extended highlights of this game, click-here.
The final result was a 1-0 win to Bury Relics.
Goal: Bury’s goal was scored by Graham, click-here.
Result, Bury Relics 1 – 0 Manchester Corinthians

Bury Relics vs. Preston North End
To watch extended highlights of this game, click-here.
The final result was a 0-0 draw.
Goal: no goals.
Result, Bury Relics 0 – 0 Preston North End

Bury Relics vs. Club Kingsmaid
To watch extended highlights of this game, click-here.
The final result was a 2-1 loss to Kingsmaid.
Goal: Kingsmaid take the lead, click-here.
Goal: Bury equalize through John W, click-here.
Goal: Kingsmaids winning goal, click-here.
Result, Bury Relics 1 – 2 Club Kingsmaid

Bury Relics vs. Rochdale AFC Strollers
To watch extended highlights of this game, click-here.
The final result was a 3-0 win for Bury.
Goal: Graham scores for Bury, click-here.
Goal: Graham gets another for Bury, click-here.
Goal: It’s a hat trick for Graham, click-here.
Result, Bury Relics 3 – 0 Rochdale AFC Strollers

In summary; from my perspective, it was an excellent performance from the Bury over 65s side. The team looked balanced, and players complemented each other to produce several good goals and quality play throughout. The only slight downside was that both goals were conceded following freekicks. The staff and supporters did a sterling job organizing and encouraging the team in the rain, and thanks to Kodak Keith for his photos. Manager and staff: Ken B, Keith S and Keiren. Team players: Teddy Eddy (GK), Alan, Peter S, Jomo, John W and Graham. Top secret subs were Keith H and Pat the Cat, who were ready to go on if needed. Report and Videos by Dr. John.

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GMWFL Autumn 2022 – Tough day for Relics over 60 Stripes

A shorter match day report than usual due to the roving reporter being in the playing squad.

A tough day for the Relics with one win and two loses leaving them at the foot of the table two points behind Wakefield. The Relics were without a few established players and had to draft Tex in as keeper at the last minute.

Relics 1 – 0 Wakefield. Relics goal scorer John Howson
Relics 0 – 2 Bolton
Ribble Valley 3 – 0 Relics

Squad: – Tex (gk), Kodak Keith (C), Pete Shev, Mark T, Watford Mark, John H, Pat , Keith B.
Manager Ken B,

Thanks to all the supporters that turned up to encourage the Relics.

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